Creative Courage Authors
Creative Courage Authors
Shelly Francis

We're creating a trustworthy, encouraging space to find & express our author voices.

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About Us

Founded by Shelly L. Francis of Creative Courage Press and author of The Courage Way as a place to bring remarkable authors and your refreshing ideas into being by doing our writing together. And getting ready for launching our books into the world...because the world really needs your unique VOICE! 

Why We'd Love It if You Joined Us

Do you have a book in you, ready to bring it forth? 

Do you need a group to hold you accountable? To keep you company so you know you're not alone? 

Would a trustworthy group trained to offer supportive encouragement and feedback be helpful in your process?

Would you like a community of kindred spirits supporting you as you become a "whole author" - the writer writing, the author engaging readers, and the publishing partner for a successful book launch?

That's what we're creating...together.

A Big Thanks

Thank you to the first cohort of authors working with me, trusting me as their developmental editor, book-midwife and publishing companion. You've given me guts to expand my expressions of creative courage into community building. It's not just for book writing, it's about living whole lives as authors with voice & agency. Sharing our remarkable selves and refreshing ideas with each other and with our intended readers.